FAQ Schema Generator

Add the Frequently Asked Questions on the webpage you would like to add schema on. Add one question per line and click Add New Question to add more questions. Google Search will only display a maximum of 2 but it will still help your SEO to markup all FAQ questions on your web page.

The FAQ Schema Generator will help you create schema suitable for displaying Frequently Asked Question dropdowns on Google Search and Google Mobile Search. These results are automatically available when Google indexes and finds the markup within your web page.

It's important that when using this schema markup generator that you have existing frequently asked questions on your web page or an itemised list of questions with relevant answers that people will ask about your product or service. This can be anything from delivery time to expected cost and what the product or service entails.

To make full use of our FAQ Schema Markup Generator you have to put in the schema on the web page itself. This can be done either on Google Tag Manager or it can be done by inserting it directly into the code.

Frequently Asked Questions (about our FAQ Schema Generator 😉)

What is FAQ Schema Generator for Google?

A webpage's code can be enhanced using specific markup called FAQ schema to include a set of questions and answers. After reading this markup, Google uses it to produce a rich snippet. just like this Under your regular SERP result, this FAQ rich snippet displays a list that may be collapsed.

Under your regular SERP result, this FAQ rich snippet displays a list that may be collapsed. The response to a question is displayed in a menu when it is clicked. When there are more than four questions in your markup, a "Show more" link will appear, displaying all of your FAQ markup.

However, FAQ schema is not limited to a FAQ page. Any page that is appropriately designed with a "frequently asked questions" section will display an expanded list on the SERP.

This feature makes our FREE FAQ schema tool for most SEO Professionals. With this tool, now you can add your own Schema Markup for your website.

If written wisely, this additional SERP addition will increase your snippet's chances of showing up for other longtail keywords where it might not have otherwise. This is particularly the case for questions involving product specific knowledge such as "Is a beach towel good for summer?"

How do I use a FAQ Schema rich result generator to show on Google?

To use the FAQ Schema Generator you need to follow the below steps to generate

  1. Get a list of questions you would like to generate and show on Google, you can add an infinite number of questions but it is better to use the markup on your core questions.
  2. Make sure your first two questions are your most asked or most searched questions.This is because the first two questions are the ones that show on Google search results!
  3. Add your questions into our generator and see it show on the right hand side of your screen or at the bottom on mobile.
  4. Click on the copy button on the tool to copy the code from the screen.
  5. Click on the Rich Result Test to test your code on Google.
  6. Add the schema markup to the web page where your questions are located, depending on platform you might need to use a plugin to achieve this or will need to add this directly to your code. Contact a developer or work with our SEO Agency partner to achieve this.

Why use an FAQ Schema Markup generator for Google?

Creating the JSON/LD preferred Google code can be very tedious especially for websites with multiple Frequently Asked Questions to enter. The process can be challenging because your schema is not necessarily correct if written by yourself and it seems overkill to hire a developer purely to write schema for Google.

Instead of doing that, generate your own schema with this tool and add it onto your website or on Google Tag Manager for your web page. This will allow Google to see your updates Frequently asked questions and will give you visibility in the SERP results.

To improve your rankings, remember to use our FAQ Schema Markup Generator only on web pages that have actual questions visible for the frontend user of the website.

Will my FAQ Rich Result show on Google?

Your FAQ rich result schema markup is guaranteed so show on Google if it is made using our tool and following the guidelines of Google Search. This includes having the need to have the real questions on your actual web page and to not show these FAQ results globally. It is very important that developers and users use the rich result generator as intended.

Having said that, your FAQ rich result will only show after a couple of days and will not show immediately on the search result. This process can be expediting by requesting a crawl of the specific web page on search console or using the google search api.

Does FAQ Snippets work on mobile or desktop for Google?

The FAQPage code by SEOHelper FAQ Schema Markup Generator will be shown on both Desktop and Mobile search results. FAQ results are mobile friendly by design on google search so there is no issue regarding responsiveness or display. Google will handle all of that, you just need to enter your FAQ content into our tool!

Is there a difference between FAQ and FAQPAge Schema Markup?

There are generally no differences regarding how this schema markup is referred to. The best way to think about it is if you have questions or certain things that need to be answered to and get asked a lot by customers, it should go into an FAQ, for a product this might be things like delivery cost or delivery time estimate. For services, the questions might be how much the service might cost or if the service can be done online for example.

Can I add links to my FAQ Schema Markup?

The FAQ Rich Result JSON-LD is compatible with links and you can show links even on Google!

This can be very powerful as showing links on Google will directly give you more than just a single link into your website for people searching although they would need to expand your search result question in order to see the link.

Links shown on the Google Search result page through the FAQ Schema markup do not hold any potential as backlinks however they are able to contribute by providing context to your answer and giving the reader an ability to see more detailed answers.

Do I need to have FAQs in order to use FAQ Schema markup?

A very common misconception even among the SEO community is that you need a real FAQ Question and Answer section in order to use the FAQ Rich Result markup for Google. This is actually not the case.

FAQ Schema markup can also be used if you have headings as a question in your document and the answer beneath it. It can be an informational article answering a specific question and this would still be a use-case for FAQ Schema markup. You do not necessarily need to make a dedicated FAQ Page in order to use this FAQ Rich Result generator.

The most important thing according to this article quoting John Mueller is that you need to ensure that the content is actually on the page you want the markup to be on. This is the most important part of using our FAQ Markup generator for your website.