Pros and Cons Rich Result Schema Generator

Pros and Cons schema markup or the positive and negatives product review json/ld markup as known in SEO circles went live on Google Search Rich Results in 2022 with the intention of providing at a glance snippets to readers on the value of certain products from reviewers and opionated articles.

The Pros and Cons structured data creator will help you create schema markup that will show on Google with appropriate text and can extend the value of your search result position. This is due to the length of extra text included within your Google Search Result with pros and cons schema

Our Pros and Cons Markup Generator is FREE to use and easy to add to your website. Use the tool to your best advantage by adding pros and cons schema throughout the website on all your main content that it can be used for.



Frequently Asked Questions (about our Pros and Cons Rich Result Markup Generator 😉)

What is Pros and Cons Schema Markup for Google?

Reviews of the products we buy are a valuable resource for interested customers researching which product and brand of product to buy. This is especially important for big ticket items as well as common electronics such as iPhones and even whitegoods like microwaves. Product reviews often contain a list of pros and cons of the product towards the end or at the start which gives a quick summary of what to look out for and what sort of use case the product would perform best in. An example would be a kitchen knife which would perform great on vegetables instead of meat. This would be highlighted as a pro for being good at cutting vegetables but a con at being not as good for cutting meat. Reviews like these give customers valuable insight as to how products will perform before they buy it and will increase the likelihood of purchasing and being confident in their purchase.

As a result of their importance to customers and Google Search users, Google may highlight pros and cons in the product review snippet in Search results.

Webmasters can tell Google about your pros and cons by adding pros and cons structured data on editorial review pages. When adding structured data to your web pages, you can also use the Google Rich Results Test to make sure it's correct and valid for Google Search. The tool has been recently extended to check for pros and cons structured data in addition to all the other structured data elements such as FAQ Structured Data supported by Google Search.

Why use a Pros and Cons Schema Markup generator for Google?

The pros and cons schema will help you get more keywords onto the Google Search results and help to highlight important content to the reader. An optimal use case of these rich results is to make readers interested in your article or content and to make them click into your website in order to find out more about them. This is particularly useful for affiliate marketers who rely on reviews in order to sell their affiliate products to their reader-base. This pros and cons schema can help you gain an edge over your competitors especially given how hardly any websites would be using it due to how recent the introduction has been. The pros and cons rich result will showcase shortform answers to extend your search appearance as well, pushing competitor websites below the SERP.

How do I use an Pros and Cons Schema Markup generator for Google?

To use the pros and cons schema markup generator just follow the steps below!.

  1. Get a list of pros and cons you would like to generate and show on Google, you can add an infinite number of them but it is better to use the markup on your core reviews and to keep them short.
  2. Make sure your first pros and cons as your most searched for questions regarding a product.This is because only a few of the pros and cons will show on Google search results!
  3. Add your pros and cons into our pros and cons schema generator and see it show on the right hand side of your screen or at the bottom on mobile.
  4. Click on the copy button on the tool to copy the code from the screen.
  5. Click on the Rich Result Test to test your code on Google.
  6. Add your brand new pros and cons schema markup to the web page where your questions are located, depending on platform you might need to use a plugin to achieve this or will need to add this directly to your code. Contact a developer or work with our SEO Agency partner to achieve this.

Will my Pros and Cons Rich Result show on Google?

The pros and cons rich result is still a new offering by Google so it is not guaranteed that it will show. However, most review websites even large ones and affiliate marketers are not using this invaluable schema markup and this will give you an edge in the SERP result. To use this the best, make sure to generate pros and cons schema for all of your pages that have a product review and to follow the Google guidelines. This will give you the best chance of having it show on the real Google SERP.

Does Pros and Cons search snippets work on mobile or desktop for Google?

The pros and cons rich result will work on both Google mobile and Google desktop. This will also work on any device that is running a browser capable of rendering Google properly both IOS and Android because it is a default Google search enhancement. You do not need to do anything to make your website more responsive on the Google SERP to display this markup as Google will handle that part, just focus on adding great value content into your product review article!

Can I use Pros and Cons schema markup on services instead of products?

As of now, this pros and cons SERP enhancement is designed for product reviews however there is likely no large harm in using it for service reviews as well although to stay within Google's spam content guidelines website owners should make sure to use it on a proper service review discussing pros and cons of a certain service that can be marketed as a product like a massage. This could even be worked in as a "massage ticket" for example to fully stay within Google's guidelines.