Local Business Schema Markup Generator

Local Business services schema markup is the json/ld markup known in SEO circles as the services schema. This markup allows business owners to add detailed information about their business so Google can better understand the web page and fit your website into search intent queries.

The Local Business Schema Markup Generator will help you create schema markup that will optimise your website for ranking on Google since it organises your services into quickly identifiable information that can be easily picked up by robots. The easier it is for the Google spider to pick up information the better the likelihood it forms the correct understanding of the web page it is currently on.

Our FREE Local Business Markup Generator to use and easy to add to your website. Use the tool now to take advantage of an opportunity that is missed by many SEO specialists and SEO agencies in Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions (about our Local Business Services Schema Generator 😉)

What is Local Business Schema Generator for Google?

The Local Business Services Schema is a specific schema that is often missed by SEO specialists and SEO Agencies because it is not standard markup for Rich Results. Local Business schema on its own is very well known in the SEO community however the services section addition to the schema is not. This section is very powerful as it allows for adding the services of the business and outcomes of the service. This information is structured in a way for search engines to immediately be able to identify the search intent of the page and the services the business provides. It is ideal for service based businesses like Plumbers, Electricians or any other service type product.

How do I use a Local Business Services generator to optimise for Google?

To use the Local Business Services Generator you need to follow the below steps to generate

  1. Get a list of services you would like to add and mark up for Google, you can add an infinite number of services but it is best to identify the core services of the business.
  2. Make sure your first two services are your most searched services with the most chance of converting into real customers. This is because search crawlers are able to identify and read from top down of the schema to grab that important information!
  3. Be as detailed with your service offerings as you can, fill in all the text boxes listed for the best chance at ranking for Local Business Schema. If you are unable to add or elaborate more then just leave it empty.
  4. Make sure to be as broad as possible if your goal is to target local businesses in your state or suburb ie Melbourne or Victoria.
  5. Click on the copy button on the tool to copy the code from the screen.
  6. Click on the Rich Result Test to test your code on Google.
  7. Add the schema markup to your homepage and your service pages if you have any, depending on platform you might need to use a plugin to achieve this or will need to add this directly to your code. Contact a developer or work with our SEO Agency partner to achieve this.

Why use an Local Business Services Markup generator for Google?

Creating the JSON/LD preferred Google code for the Local Business services schema can be very tedious and a lot of mistakes can be made.

The optimal way to create services schema for your small business is using our tool which has been optimised for perfect output on Google provided all the inputs are filled.

This is not a rich result enhancement but it is an SEO enhancement as it allows Google to better understand your web page and know what services you are offering to your customers.